3D LVP Cleaner - 1 gal.



3D LVP CLEANER cleans, conditions, and protects leather, vinyl, and plastic in one step. LVP is made with Mink-Oil to create extra softness and extend the life of leather, vinyl, and plastic. LVP Cleaner cleans dirt and grime away from leather, vinyl, and plastic while adding conditioning mink oil into the leather, vinyl, and plastic to protect them from UV rays. UV rays and heat will dry out all the leather, vinyl and plastic parts of a vehicle’s interior and shorten the life of a vehicle's interior much faster if left untreated. LVP Cleaner is absorbed into the leather, vinyl, and plastic to leave a soft, non-greasy surface and restore moisture to any vehicle's interior. LVP CLEANER is VOC, Green and Biodegradable.


For Light Duty cleaning of leather & polycarbonate, dilute 1 part LVP to 10 parts water.

For heavier cleaning duties dilute to as strong as 1 to 4 as needed. Avoid spraying directly onto surface. Spray onto towel or brush and agitate as needed. See 3D Polypropylene Bristle Brush or 3D Horse Hair Brush.