3D Super Glass Cleaner - 1 gal.



3D Super Glass Cleaner provides you with the solution you need to your glass’s clarity imparity! With a non-streaking formula, you can be sure that your glass won’t be left even less visible than it was before. While the fog and smudge resistance of 3D Super Glass Cleaner will keep it clearer for longer.

With tinted windows being as popular as they are, you have to be careful which glass cleaning product you use. Glass cleaners that are formulated using ammonia can cause the tint to crack, peel, or otherwise separate from your glass over time. 3D Super Glass Cleaner is alcohol based, not ammonia based, meaning you won’t have to worry about any adverse effects to your tint when using it to clean your glass.

Everybody loves a multipurpose product! Tackling multiple jobs with one bottle not only makes your life much easier, but also saves you a ton of money. 3D Super Glass Cleaner can also be used on your headlights and plastic to provide the same streak-free finish that it provides to your glass surfaces!

Properly dilute 3D Super Glass Cleaner 50:1 (2.5 oz. per 1 gallon) with water. Spray 3D Super Glass Cleaner directly onto the surface or spray it into a clean microfiber towel. Then wipe the surface down and use a separate clean microfiber towel to dry the surface.