(PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY PRODUCT) The information provided here is advice, and no liability is expressed or implied with this description. With a pH -0,2 rating, you'll opt for CL when cleaning painted aluminum wheels, and machinery that is heavily soiled. You must have a working knowledge of applying acids, responsibly manage runoff in a manner that is compliant with your local regulations, and use the appropriate PPE when using. NO EXCEPTIONS.


A redundant warning: Do not let dry. Do not let run or apply to any area which is sensitive to acid such as unprotected metals, aluminum or zinc. Never apply to a hot surface. Always research substrate composition and compliance of this product as well as your dilution BEFORE application. 

Suggested dilutions for cleaning the appropriate and compliant wheel surface will be from 1:2-1:10, and should be applied after the surface has been wetted down with water to avoid 'hot spots' and runs. 

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