MEGUIAR'S Paint Reconditioning Cream


With Meguiar's Paint Conditioning Cream, you can cut, polish, and wax. 1 or 2 step process; simply switch to the least aggressive tool/pad combination on the 2nd step and re-apply PRC for the ultimate solution to high volume paint reconditioning.

D15101 Paint Reconditioning Cream is specifically designed for high volume reconditioning facilities, auctions, detailers and car dealerships.


Shake well. Work one section at a time. Always work on cool paint surface. Note: To prepare the surface for paint Reconditioning Cream (P.R.C.) properly wash and clay the surface to remove loose as well as bonded contaminants.

Step 1:

Machine Application

Rotary - Choose appropriate Meguiar's buffing pad. Set machine to 1400-2000 RPM's. Apply P.R.C. directly to surface.

D.A. Polisher - Choose appropriate Meguiar's buffing pad. Set machine at medium speed. Apply P.R.C. directly to pad.

Begin working P.R.C. in a 2'X2' area with over lapping passes. Continue working until defects are removed and high gloss is achieved. Wipe Residue with Meguiar's Ultimate Wipe Detailing Cloth.

Hand Application

Apply a thin even coat of product to the surface with a clean applicator pad. Wipe residue with a Meguiar's Ultimate Wipe Detailing Cloth.

Step 2 (Optional):

For additional clarity, gloss and protection re-apply P.R.C. with the appropriate Meguiar's foam finishing pad or applicator pad.


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