SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating 750ml



SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating provides durable protection in just a few minutes. SONAX Si-Carbon technology protects your vehicle's paint from dirt, insects, road grime, and salt much longer than conventional wax. Restores colors while providing an extreme hydrophobic effect and a mirror-like shine.

Apply SONAX Ceramic Spray Coating to any exterior hard surfaces of your vehicle including paint, plastics, chrome, moldings, and wheels.

An excellent refresher with increased longevity for existing sealants and coatings.


• Protects the treated surface against dirt, insects, and road salt
• With easy to clean effect: Car cleaning is simplified
• Produces a high gloss finish without time-consuming polishing
• The Si carbon technology ensures a velvety soft surface, the paintwork gleams in a lasting and mirror-like gloss.
• Revitalises existing ceramic coatings
• Provides up to 6 months of hydrophobic protection


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