SONAX Headlight Restoration Kit



SONAX Headlight Restoration Kit restores cloudy, yellowed headlights in 10 minutes or less – no power tools required! Designed for light to moderate yellowing/cloudiness, SONAX Headlight Restoration Kit provides TWO different approaches to restoring the clarity to your vehicle’s plastic headlight lenses. For light yellowing/cloudiness, simply compound and seal – two steps! For moderate yellowing/cloudiness, use the included sanding discs as the 1st step. It’s so easy that ANYONE can do it, we promise!

Today’s headlight lens covers are made of polycarbonate, a hard, impact-resistant plastic. While polycarbonate is more resilient than the glass lenses of several years ago, it can dull and yellow in a matter of 1-3 years. Most Americans own their vehicles for an average of five years. The average driver spends two years on the road with ineffective headlights!

Dull, ineffective headlight lenses are a bigger safety risk than you might think. Clouded lenses can reduce the amount of light illuminating the road by as much as 90%. The oxidized plastic refracts the light that is passing through the lens cover, creating a glare that is distracting to other drivers. Your vehicle’s headlights should light the road at least 150 feet in front of you. If they do not, you do not have enough advance visual warning to avoid a potentially dangerous and expensive accident.

SONAX Headlight Restoration Kit includes:
      (1) 75ml Headlight Polish
      (4) Sanding Discs P5000
      (2) Application Sponges
      (4) Polishing Cloths
              (2) Moist Cloths with Headlight Sealant