SONAX Profiline ExCut 05-05 is a coarse abrasive formula designed for the defect removal of heavily contaminated surfaces – including RIDS, heavy swirls, deep scratches, and holograms. Capable of removing sanding marks of up to P1500, SONAX Profiline ExCut 05-05 is the product needed when the milder abrasives just won’t cut it. Don’t let harsher paint imperfections get the best of you – remove them ASAP with SONAX Profiline ExCut 05-05!

Designed for both detailing enthusiasts and professional detailers, SONAX Profiline ExCut 05-05 is the perfect solution to the “what will remove this defect” question. Capable of removing even the toughest defects, SONAX Profiline ExCut 05-05 uses its coarsely abrasive formula to eliminate paint imperfections without marring the surface more than it already is.

SONAX Profiline ExCut 05-05 features:

• A coarse abrasive with a longer working time
• Gentle finish for reducing polishing after compounding
• A level 5 out of 6 on the SONAX “Cut” scale • Silicone-free and low-dusting

Directions for use:

• Wash and dry vehicle.
• Clay the vehicle to remove above-surface contaminants.
• Using the appropriate foam or wool pad, apply 2-3 dime-sized drops of product on the outer edge of the pad.
• Setting your polisher to a low speed spread the product around a 2 x 2 square foot area using firm downward pressure and a slow arm movement.
• Polish the area until the compound turns clear.
• Buff off any additional residue.

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