CARPRO CQUARTZ 8Finger Foam Block Applicator

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CQUARTZ 8Finger Foam Block Applicators

CARPRO mini applicators for hard to reach places!

The new CARPRO 8Finger Block gives you 8 small foam block applicators to make your ceramic coating application a breeze!  The 8Finger Block consists of 4 small straight edge applicators and 4 small beveled edge applicators which will allow you to coat in and around all those hard to reach areas with ease! 


  • New: 8 small applicator blocks - 4 small straight edge applicators & 4 small beveled edge applicators.
  • Wrap with 4" CARPRO Suede Microfiber Cloths.
  • Versatile: Overcome a variety of small hard to reach areas.


  • Straight Edge Size: 2.75" L x 0.60" W x 1" D.
  • Beveled Edge Size: 2.75" L x 0.60" W x 1" D x 45° beveled edge.
  • Color: Stiff orange foam with grey ultra-soft applicator foam on applicator side.


  • Wrap grey side of applicator with MF Suede or use grey foam side.
  • Dispose of 4" Suede and replace as needed.

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