Koch Chemie Ceramic All-around CO.01

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Kit includes:

  • 505075 Ceramic Allround C0.01 (75ml)
  • 999621 Applicator block (1 pcs.)
  • 999620 Applicator cloth microfiber 10x10 cm (5 pcs.)
  • 999619 Special microfiber cloth grey 40x40 cm (1 pcs.)
  • 9998049 Certificate for ceramic coating (5 pcs.)
  • 9998050 Door entry sticker for ceramic coating (5 pcs.)

Ceramic Allround C0.01: The Protective Vest for Surfaces

A long-lasting protective layer that shields the surface from environmental influences: This is what the first ceramic sealant in KochChemie‘s product portfolio promises. With Ceramic Allround C0.01, we now offer a high-quality ceramic sealant, which optimizes and permanently protects surfaces with little effort. The ceramic coating contributes significantly to maintaining or increasing the value of the vehicle.

Properties of Ceramic Allround C0.01

  • Long-lasting protection of the surface with a service life of 18-24 months
  • Smooth, hydrophobic surface with lotus effect
  • Gloss stable even after use of acid and alkaline cleaners
  • Easy-to-clean properties, so that dirt adheres less well and the surface can be cleaned gently
  • Protection of the sealed surface against environmental influences such as UV radiation, road salt, bird droppings and rust
  • Protection of the clearcoat against corrosive and acidic products in pH range 5 to 12

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