MAXSHINE Duo Twisted 20x24


Features and Benefits

  • Big Enough to Dry the Entire Car – The giant purple car microfiber towel is large enough to dry your entire vehicle in a single run. Save time and money when drying your car
  • Rinse-Free Experience – The giant purple car towel is able to absorb every single drop of water on your car. You won’t have to stop to rinse your microfiber drying towel anymore. 
  • Lint and Swirl Free – Windows are left crystal clear without any lint, streaks, and swirls from drying your car. Our Microfiber towels for cars will pick up all those particles in a single swipe.
  • Extra thick and Plush – This ultra-thick microfiber towel is easy on your car’s surface and surprisingly easy to pull and move around with minimal drag. The twisted loop design reduces surface tension.
  • Effortlessly Dry the Top of Your Car – No more missing the middle part of your car when drying. Easily swing the microfiber towel over your head and past that notoriously hard-to-reach area.

MaxShine Duo Twist Loop Towel is specially designed for achieving the best result in drying. What Duo we named for the product means we used the unique twist loop material on both sides of the towel. It helps you to dry your car body with a few efforts and meet the perfect effect you expected. Meanwhile, this Duo Twist Loop Towel’s thickness is 1200g/m², it is a great breakthrough in MaxShine . For this reason, the Duo Twist Loop Towel had strong absorption, we are sure you will have a brilliant car drying experience by using this MaxShine Duo Twist Towel.

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