MAXSHINE head light restoration kit


Maxshine Headlight Restoration System is a collection of professional-grade products assembled specifically for removing the oxidation and yellowing that builds up on automotive headlight lenses. This kit uses a system of light abrasives to keep vehicles looking great or to restore a used vehicle!

  • Designed to restore, maintain and protect all types of smooth, shiny plastic and acrylic headlights quickly and safely.
  • Headlights will stay clear for up to a year after restoring the plastic around the lights.
  • It can easily remove yellowing, stainsand level some scratches in one step.
  • The included Headlight Restoration System Compound & Polishrestores clarity and leaves a tough protective layer to prevent future

The kit contains:

  • P1000 75mm 2pcs
  • P2000 75mm 2pcs
  • P3000 75mm 2pcs
  • Drill Backing Pad 75mm M6 1PC
  • Ultra Towel 40x40cm 1PC
  • Polishing Foam Pad – 3″ 1PC
  • 2oz Cutting Compound & Finishing Polish 1PC


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