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What is Chrome Conditioner and Polish?

Chrome conditioner and polish is a a product in the detailing world that is specially made for chrome surfaces. This product enhances the appearance of grilles, trims, wheels, and exhaust tips. Chrome conditioner and polish maintains shine, removes oxidation, and adds protection. Not only does it protect from corrosion and rust, but it also restores the luster of the chrome surface. This product contains very mild abrasives which helps with removing tarnish and other dirt and grime. 

What Ingredients are Found in a Chrome Conditioner and Polish?

Formulation and ingredients can vary from brand to brand. Some common ingredients that can be found in these products is as follows;

  • Mild abrasives are added to remove oxidation, small scratches, and stains from the surface. These abrasives are fine and gentle enough to not add damage,  yet they are very effective. 
  • Solvents, such as isopropyl alcohol or ethanol, help to remove dirt from chrome surfaces.
  • Surfactants also aid in the removal of dirt. They help to lift contaminants from the surface for an easier cleaning process.
  • Metal brighteners are often added to chrome conditioners and polishes to enhance luster and shine. They have restoring properties which gives a polished finish to the surface. 
  • Protective agents help to prevent oxidation, corrosion, and tarnishing by creating a protective layer. 
  • Binders and fillers help in the application process of the product itself. 


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