Renegade Forged Red Metal Polish


What is Forged Metal Polish?

Forged metal polish is a type of metal polish that is designed for forged or billet wheels. It is used to clean, shine , and protect aluminum wheels. These products help to maintain shine or that polished wet look between polishing sessions. Forged metal polishes contain a mild abrasive that is suitable and appropriate to use on softer aluminum. This product also works to prevent any oxidation or sun damage from UV rays while also providing a clean and shiny surface. 

What Ingredients are in Forged Metal Polish?

Formulation and ingredients may vary by manufacturers, but some common chemicals you can find in forged metal polishes are

  • Mild abrasives can be found in this product to remove dirt, oxidation, grime, or other particles. Common abrasives are aluminum oxide or silicon carbide.
  • Solvents, such as isopropyl alcohol, acetone, or mineral spirits, help to dissolve surface contaminants. 
  • Surfactants may also be added to forged metal polishes to aid in the application process and reduce tension on the surface. Types of surfactants are alkylbenzenesulfonates or ethoxylated alcohols. 
  • Lubricants help to prevent scratches that may occur in the polishing process because it reduces friction between the metal and abrasives. Types of lubricants in forged metal polishes are mineral oil, silicone oil, or synthetic oils.
  • Corrosion inhibitors help from damage such as oxidation or corrosion. Waxes, polymers, or corrosion-resistant compounds are types of inhibitors you may find in these products. 



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