Rupes DA Fine Polishing Foam Pad 2”(4pack)


The RUPES D-A Fine High Performance Polishing Pad is a high-quality foam pad designed for use with fine polishing compounds. It is suitable for use with a dual-action polisher, such as the RUPES BigFoot LHR 15 Mark III Long Throw Dual-Action Polisher. It can produce an excellent finish on various surfaces, including paint, glass, and metal. The pad is made of a soft, high-quality foam that is designed to be gentle on surfaces and to help minimize the risk of marring or swirl marks. It is available in various sizes, including 1.25 inches, 2 inches, 3 inches, 5 inches, and 6 inches, to suit different polisher sizes and applications. Overall, the RUPES D-A Fine High Performance Polishing Pad is a top-quality pad that is well worth considering for your detailing needs.

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