Sonax Cutmax 6/4 1L

CutMax, The original SONAX low dust cutting compound.

Around 10 years ago, CutMax was born. Since then, it has become a fan favourite among professional detailers, hobbyists & enthusiasts. CutMax is silicone free, meaning it is body shop safe. The compound also contains no fillers, meaning true results are delivered - every time. 

Work cleaner with CutMax, even under the most intense working conditions minimal dust is created.

1L handy squeeze bottle of cutting paste for easy dosage. SONAX Profiline Cutmax 06-04 is fast-acting and produces outstanding quality on the surface finish. Removes scratches and inclusions from the refinishing work as well as the original factory paint. Leaves minimal treatment marks and virtually no polish residue. (low dust technology) Easy to handle, high abrasion with simultaneous minimal dullness.

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