Stoner Glass Hybrid Ceramic 16oz


Invisible Glass Hybrid Ceramic Rain Repellent & Glass Cleaner 

Drive confidently with the Invisible Glass Hybrid Ceramic Rain Repellent & Glass Cleaner. This powerful formula combines the cleaning power of Invisible Glass with water-repellent technology to protect and clean your glass surfaces, saving you cleaning steps, time, and money. 

Easy application - Apply to your exterior glass surfaces.

See better in wet weather - Instantly repels rain and lessens the adhesion of sleet and snow.

Long-lasting SI02 Technology - Synthetic resins bond to your glass, forming a water-repellent coating lasting up to 4 months per application.

Improves driver response time by 25% - Significantly improves wet-weather driving visibility, affording you safer travel in hazardous conditions.

Powerful clean and protection, or your money back - We guarantee our products! If you are not completely satisfied, phone 717-786-0804 or mail in your sales receipt for product replacement or refund.

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